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『The Iguchi Principle: Baseball Techniques』
Released in Japan by MC press (Released: July 26, 2008)
Iguchi talks in person for the first time, specifically and in detail about batting, fielding, base running, training, and mental aspects of baseball.
Iguchi's signature "Hikitsuke Dahou" (a batting style in which he stays back and waits for the pitches to come to him) is a technical theory that overturns current batting theory.

【Chapter 1】 Batting【Chapter 2】 Fielding【Chapter 3】 Base-running【Chapter 4】 Training【Chapter 5】 Mental elements of baseball【 Chapter 6】 Before I became a Major Leaguer ・・・. 【Closing chapter 】 Importance of keeping notes / Characteristics of right-hand batter theory, etc.

ISBN code: 978-4-86295-047-5
*Please use this code when ordering it at the bookstore.  Duodecimo / One Color Printing / 224 pages
List price: 1575 yen (including tax)
The new official website has opened!
The new official website has opened at the address below!
This site will continue as the “Tadahito Iguchi WebClub site”!
At the new website there is a blog as well, so check it out everyone!
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New book published by Bungeishunju on September 12th 2003 featured Tadahito Iguchi.
Published by Bungeishunju (4-16-365270-1)
Parents make geniuses by Taeko Yoshii

Featured athletes:
Daisuke Matsuzaka, Ichiro, Hiroyasu Shimizu, Tae Satoya, Shigeki Maruyama
Ai Sugiyama, Yoichi Kato, Musoyama, Tadahito Iguchi, Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi
Published September 12th 2003/duodecimo/Regular cover/Price: 1667 yen