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For those who cannot follow the condition below,
please refrain from joining the club.
In addition, we reserve the right to ask you to withdraw from the club.
・Be a Tadahito Iguchi fan.
Please apply by the following procedure:
・Fill in and send the entry form below.
If you have filled it in incorrectly you cannot join the club.
This information will not be released. Please fill in all the necessary items.

・When you join the club you will be issued a members plate with your member number and handle name. (Banner image)
Please use it for a link to a website, etc.
Soon after you apply you will receive a mail confirming the completion of your application. This will not contain your member number.
At later date in a separate mail we will send your membership card banner and an ID and password for the bulletin board system.
Please note that we cannot send the membership card banner to a mobile phone address.

・When you join the club we will issue you a mail magazine. (on a non-regular basis)

・A birthday mail will be sent to the fans who register their birthday.
(These are sent once a month, so you won’t necessarily receive it on your actual birthday).

・You will be issued an ID and password for the bulletin board system.

・Club membership is free.

・The information that you enter will not be used for any purposes other than sending the mails mentioned above.

・Please send any questions about this club to: mailto webmaster
We will try to answer as soon as possible.

・Privacy Policy ※Japanese Only

Name required
Online name required
Birthday ※ 12340101 enter with one-byte characters
Postal code required ※ XXX-XXXX enter with one-byte characters
Address required
Mail address
required ※ enter with one-byte characters
Join club・quit club
・change contents of registration
join club quit club change contents of registration

If you want to quit the club or make changes please enter your member number.
If you want to join the club you do not have to enter a member number.

Membership No. ※ enter with one-byte characters